NET Case Study: Surge Protection Cabinet

Space Age Electronics is proud to pair our No Excuses Team with your experts! These certified Solution Providers combine their technical knowledge of tools like AutoCAD with their robust understanding of our full product offerings to lay out a perfectly tailored solution for your most complex project needs. Whether you have a napkin sketch or a set of challenging specifications, they’ll work alongside you every step of the way to solve even the most complicated demands of your job.

Here’s just one example of how they’re putting their knowledge and skill to use saving our customers time and money in the field:


The Problem

Surge protection requirements can vary wildly from project to project, and a customer found themselves facing frequent headaches as they wrestled with various installation issues and an inferior product. What they really needed was a one-stop surge solution that worked in almost all of their fire alarm projects.


The Solution

After our NET Solution Providers educated the customer on the Space Age line of Eclips surge protection devices, it became a no-brainer for them to utilize a solution integrating those into a custom-branded cabinet.

That would have already been a fantastic solution, but our NET experts went a step beyond by developing a grounding bar integration. This design feature allowed the customer to install individual grounded Eclips devices, facilitating easy service when necessary without disassembling the entire row of surge protectors.


The Result

With a robust solution above and beyond the original request, it didn’t take long for every fire alarm system installation on this project to require an accompanying surge cabinet. Now the customer can rest assured that all their sensitive electronics are protected and any delays at the end of a project are prevented in the case of any malfunction or surge event.


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