NET Case Study: Emergency Telephone System Retrofit

Space Age Electronics is proud to pair our No Excuses Team with your experts! These certified Solution Providers combine their technical knowledge of tools like AutoCAD with their robust understanding of our full product offerings to lay out a perfectly tailored solution for your most complex project needs. Whether you have a napkin sketch or a set of challenging specifications, they’ll work alongside you every step of the way to solve even the most complicated demands of your job.

Here’s just one example of how they’re putting their knowledge and skill to use saving our customers time and money in the field:

The Problem

When retrofitting an emergency telephone system, the end user typically wants to reuse as much wiring as possible. The trouble is that this type of retrofitting requires a very large time investment from the installing contractor, requiring them to meticulously mount and wire each individual module.

The Solution

Luckily, the project manager on one of these jobs understood the capabilities of our NET Solution Providers and approached Space Age with the idea to prefabricate a single panel designed to house a large number of telephone modules.

Our NICET certified team has the ability and knowledge to rapidly design effective field solutions, jumping on the case to quickly come up with a solution to perfectly match the needs of the project.


The Result

Before they knew it, the project manager had a new prefabricated solution on their hands with more than 25 individual telephone modules cleanly mounted into one of our Acerbox enclosure. With each module pre-wired to the included terminal strip, all the installing contractor had to do was mount the box and land all their field wiring to the provided labels. Just like that, what could have been a time-consuming headache became a simple installation saving hours and labor better spent on other tasks at the job.



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