Space Age Electronics, Inc. is a Life Safety products manufacturer serving critical industries including electrical, fire alarm, security, access control, telecom, and mass notification.

Our code compliant products help contractors increase their profits by saving time, reducing liability, and building brand recognition.

Our ISO 9001 certified factories will produce the following for you:

→ Prefabricated Panels (with IPC certified wiring and labeling)

→ Accessory Cabinets (in black, grey, red, or stainless steel)

→ Smoke Control Panels (UUKL and compatibility listed)

→ Graphic Annunciators (UUOX listed)

→ Project Close Out Enclosures (logo branding available)

→ Document Boxes (code required)

→ Terminal Cabinets (standard and custom)

→ Telephone Cabinets (emergency)

→ Battery Cabinets (prevent corrosion)

→ Surge Protection (ultra-low capacitance)

→ Relays (for every application)

→ Beam Detectors (self-aligning, point-to-point, or explosion-proof)

→ Breaker Lock Out Kits (keyed per code)

Please join us in celebrating our 50-year history by contacting us at 1-800-486-1723 or visiting 1sae.com.

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