NET Case Study: Suppression System Control

Space Age Electronics is proud to pair our No Excuses Team with your experts! These certified Solution Providers combine their technical knowledge of tools like AutoCAD with their robust understanding of our full product offerings to lay out a perfectly tailored solution for your most complex project needs. Whether you have a napkin sketch or a set of challenging specifications, they’ll work alongside you every step of the way to solve even the most complicated demands of your job.

Here’s just one example of how they’re putting their knowledge and skill to use saving our customers time and money in the field:


The Problem

Sufficient hazard protection in an industrial plant can be a tall order, with one example being a section with processes protected by a series of deluge sprinkler systems and CO2 suppression. The customer in charge of this particular project needed a one-stop answer to control those suppression systems within a single control room.


The Solution

After an initial conversation, the NET Solution Providers sent the project manager designs from a similar panel made for a different application. Because Space Age has control over our entire manufacturing process with decades of recorded solutions, learnings from those designs can be easily applied and catered to the specific needs of any customer.

Just a few revisions later to add termination blocks, buttons, labeling and end-user branding, the product manager had the perfect unique solution on his hands.


The Result

While this new product met the customer requirements by providing a way to control their sub-systems from one single location, the new design exceeded their expectations and solved a complicated project with a clear solution that eliminated all potential installation confusion in the field.




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