NET Case Study: Panel Interface Enclosure

Space Age Electronics is proud to pair our No Excuses Team with your experts! These certified Solution Providers combine their technical knowledge of tools like AutoCAD with their robust understanding of our full product offerings to lay out a perfectly tailored solution for your most complex project needs. Whether you have a napkin sketch or a set of challenging specifications, they’ll work alongside you every step of the way to solve even the most complicated demands of your job.

Here’s just one example of how they’re putting their knowledge and skill to use saving our customers time and money in the field:


The Problem

Communication between fire alarm vendors and installing contractors is a challenge on almost every project. With multiple jobs in development and limited install time before cost became an issue, one customer desperately needed a prefabricated terminal cabinet solution to save time and improve communication between themselves and their contractors.PIEdrawing

The Solution

After simply asking themselves, “Why are we doing the prefabrication when Space Age can do something better?”, the customer reached out to our NET Solution Providers.

In no time they brought their project-required equipment to our manufacturing facility for a meeting of the minds. Our NET experts got right to work and laid out the entire enclosure, set the boards, measured wire lengths and developed an intuitive design directly alongside the customer in a quality-controlled environment.PIEproduct

The Result

With their new panel interface enclosure, the customer now has a completely pre-wired terminal cabinet solution that gives their installing contractors the ability to terminate and ring out their own wiring on-site. Exceptionally pleased with the superior product and the time it saves in the field, they’ve standardized the enclosure as a staple of many of their projects.





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