NFPA’s Dick Roux examines NFPA 72: 2010 vs. 2013

NFPA 72 provides safety code to meet the ever-changing needs in fire detection, signaling and emergency communication. Many states are currently using the 2013 edition or just adopting it now. On February 7, 2018, Richard “Dick” Roux, Senior Electrical Specialist at NFPA, was present at the AFAA New England membership meeting to provide insight on changes for NFPA 72 in the 2010 and 2013 editions.

A number of Space Age team members were on hand for the meeting to better their knowledge on the topic as well as interact with fellow members of the life safety industry.

AFAA_Dick RouxSome highlights of the NFPA changes are:

  • Organizational changes to the code
  • New chapters: Emergency Communications Systems and Mass Notification Systems
  • Reorganized Chapter 10
  • User-friendly Chapter 14
  • Documentation requirements
  • Testing and services personnel qualification requirements

Check out Roux’s informative presentation HERE



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