Meet the People of Space Age: Jared Bourbeau

Space Age Electronics has been proudly family-owned and operated in the USA for over 50 years. Our team is the backbone of our business, so we want to take some time to introduce you to the amazingly talented folks behind our innovative life safety products. Today we’ll chat with Jared Bourbeau, who recently moved into the position of OEM Business Development Manager!

What was your previous position here at Space Age?

Jared Bourbeau: I started off at Space Age working with the NET Experts and assisting them with all the different things that they take care of from smoke control to NET Solutions. I started doing some scheduling of the custom screening that we do for the branding of cabinets. That was a lot of my role in that position. Soon after, I moved into the scheduling of all custom items as well as larger projects. During that time I also assisted with some large custom projects and even established a new cell on our manufacturing floor. This helped put together processes to ensure that we’re being extra diligent when we’re taking in new work, and able to build processes that are repeatable while maintaining quality control.

It seems that your upward movement has been a natural growth.

JB: Yeah, it’s been a natural progression. A lot of the stuff that I schedule is custom, but I also do all the scheduling for our OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) customers. I was handling all of the customer-based product that I’m currently going to be taking over from a sales perspective. Being able to do that gives me the insight needed to know what the customer’s expectations are going to be and what our capabilities are to assist them through new products, and also any other urgent matters that they might have from a scheduling standpoint.

It seems like that’s what Space Age is best at – helping our customers and partners get through their project process by being by their side every step of the way.

JB: Yup! We can definitely be a custom shop willing to take on anything and make sure we can execute whatever the customer throws at us. They can come in with a sketch on the back of a napkin and turn that into a final product.

That’s awesome! So what is your title at Space Age now?

JB: Original Equipment Manufacturer Business Development Manager. So, pretty much all of our large national account customers that are really producing in bulk or have custom projects that are going to be on a large scale, I assist.

What are you looking forward to with this position?

JB: Something that I’ve experienced with Space Age from day one is a lot of learning. I came in here with some life safety industry background, but being able to dive into the micro aspects of products and project management and then seeing how it gets processed through a lean manufacturing system has really opened my eyes to a lot of different things. Being exposed to a lot more of the code compliance that we adhere to has been enlightening. I can only imagine that I’m going to get more and more involved in those processes as customers come up with different demands and questions, and then working with the team here and figuring out, “Okay, what’s the best solution for this?” Every single time one of those scenarios happens it just leads to something that’s a learning experience in a positive sense.

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