Being Creative & Staying Relevant

If two months ago you’d have told me I would be working from a spare bedroom in my house filming videos and having virtual meetings every day with a newfound appreciation for different types of coffee, I’d think you’d be telling me I lost my job and was trying my hand at being a “YouTuber”.

It’s no secret we’ve been living in what feels like an alternate reality the past few months. No matter where in the world you are located, your day-to-day approach to being productive and effective has most certainly changed.

For myself and for my colleagues it’s taken the ability to side step and allow ourselves to embrace change, become comfortable being uncomfortable and exercising our creativity in any ways possible.

Personally I am not used to being in front of a camera, I’m much more familiar with being behind one but after the routine of traveling and project site visits disappearing overnight I felt the need to become creative in how I continue to stay relevant to my customer base, or I’d be out of a job. Of course there are many ways to keep in touch remotely, stay engaged and continue being a resource but with everyone in the same boat it’s easy to get lost in this elevated virtual noise.

I embraced the idea of filming short weekly videos to upload on LinkedIn and generate some conversation outside of the usual interaction, a way to sort of call attention to myself and what I do to generate some interest outside of any “normal” means to make new business connections. Currently at the time of writing this I’ve created 5 weekly “Virtual Coffee with Kyle” videos, each under about 3 minutes (give or take) and quickly pushed aside the idea of calling these videos “Two Minute Tuesdays” since staying under 2 minutes now seems impossible.

I’m not a technical person and I lose attention to things that are too serious or feel too ‘rigid’ so I’ve adopted the mentality of keeping the overall feel relaxed and more like a conversation. Open with some coffee talk, ask for some suggestions on coffees to try or if pre ground or grinding beans at home is preferred, roll the intro and then enter about two minutes or so of a particular topic relative to our company or the industry in general.

So far I am very pleased to say that they have been going over very well! The response and interaction I’ve been receiving not only on the posts themselves but in separate emails and phone calls from people who’ve seen them has been surprising. If I knew stepping out of a comfort zone and trying this kind of interactive approach to putting myself and what I can offer out there would be this positive, I’d have done much sooner!

On top of my own personal experience with the approach of trying new things, I’ve noticed also with my fellow business development managers that they too have been pushing ahead with being creative in their approaches.

From being involved with new ways of carrying out work in the physical environment using technology and virtual collaboration like Joseph highlights here…

…to creating their own regular weekly social media content, like Mike Ventola’s “Thoughtful Thursday” posts on LinkedIn to get people interacting

Creating content and conversation seems to be what everyone is looking for judging by the amount of interaction everyone is experiencing. Our team is blessed to have the ability to work for an equally creative and adventurous company like Space Age Electronics who as a whole, we’ve embarked on an entirely new concept of hosting “Virtual Trade Shows” online for our customer base to interact with us virtually for an opportunity to continue learning about what we do and how we can be a valuable partner to them.

Even through difficult times, the social distancing and trying to figure out how to comfortably live our own personal lives, it’s very possible to continue pushing forward, be successful and allow yourself to think outside the box. Here’s to all of our continued success together as a whole. Thank you to everyone who’s interacted and helped push me along with my efforts!

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