Working Smarter not Harder…Can you?

Most contractors in the life safety industry at one time or another were forced to choose between the following three options; Cheap product, High Quality or Fast Production as it relates to project solutions and materials.  For those of you that might not be familiar with this decades old adage let me recap it for you.

You have a problem to solve that has three core requirements which are very demanding. Ideally if you can satisfy all three requirements within the confines of the scope of work you would undoubtedly have a perfect solution.  The three core objectives that are most commonly considered are: pricing or cost, quality and availability.  Unfortunately, almost every solution you consider only allows for you to satisfy two of the three objectives in order to maintain a reasonable price/quality/availability ratio.

To put it simply, it goes like this:

If you pick Cheap and Fast, it won’t be of high quality.

If you pick Fast and High Quality, it won’t be cheap.

If you pick High Quality and Cheap, it won’t be fast.

We’ve all been there and never having experienced the total solution we’ve convinced ourselves that any such solution is only a pipe dream. But is that really true? Now might be the time to shift our paradigm of what wasn’t possible to what is now highly probable given the right circumstances and capabilities of our partners.

At Space Age Electronics we believe we have developed a proven process that can deliver exactly what you need, when you need it within the budgets you set and do it at the level of quality you or the project requires. This is not something new for us, we have been delivering our custom solutions for decades, the difference now is we have scaled up the process making mass production more cost friendly.

To prove this point I’d like to share with our readers a real case study conducted earlier this year on a company in Alabama called McCoy Fire Protection.  Vince McCoy, the owner and personal friend of mine has a fantastic business that has matured over the last decade and reinvented itself during the great recession of 2009-2011.

Vince and I crossed paths in the spring of 2016 while at a trade show in Orlando FL. After catching up on what each of us were now doing, Vince saw some of our custom wired solutions being displayed at the Space Age booth. After a series of consultations around McCoy Fires installation challenges it became clearly obvious that Space Age could provide a better solution for Vince at a lower overall cost and improve the total quality of his projects.

Don’t take my word for it, listen to Vince himself tell us how his unique solution  has saved his organization time and labor costs while improving quality and speeding installation time on all his projects.  In addition to the great things mentioned above, and as an added bonus, the owner and their representatives all took notice of these innovative improvements and were overly ecstatic with the end results!  McCoy fire has set the new standard for the market place and his customers are the beneficiary of that investment.

Think about how you can innovate and improve on the processes your organization currently uses.  Then ask yourself a question; “Can we partner with another company that can take part of the burden out of our scope and deliver a better solution at the same or less cost than we are currently paying?”  Hundreds of SAE customers have done just that over the last three years so if your struggling with growth and have limited resources, lets have a  conversation that explores those possibilities that can make a real difference in 2017.

We hope this short blog will help you in your efforts with continued improvement and business growth.  We’re here to help anyway we can.

All the best in 2017


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