NEMA highlights importance of surge protection in D.C. visit

When many hear the term “surge protector,” they instantly think of the power strip at home that they plug a TV, lamp or a number of household electronics into.

But little do they know how important surge protection really is when it comes to commercial, industrial and residential buildings.

image1 (5)Did you know electrical surges are the one of the leading causes of failure to electrical equipment?

Or that a typical building experiences surge up to 150 times a month?

Because of facts like those, surge protection has become an essential component

In the life safety industry, it’s especially important. NFPA 72 2013 chapter 27.7.3 requires a fire alarm system control or remote power supply be protected by a UL listed surge protector.

Surge protection devices, like those in Space Age’s Eclips line, are designed for the purpose of diverting surge current and protecting valuable equipment.

This past month, Space Age’s James Mongeau took part in NEMA Congressional Hill Day in Washington, D.C. He was part of a group who met with members of the Senate and Congress offices to promote the need for surge protection devices in the industry.

During their presentation, they highlighted some of the key benefits of surge protection devices.

– Helps maintain reliability of equipment
– The average home in the United States has over $15,000 worth of equipment that should be protected. Surge protectors cost a fraction of what they are protecting.
– Reduces energy cost by making sure unused equipment isn’t using power.
– Provide safety by limiting chances of a fire caused by a surge event.

Check out pictures from their visit below and to read more information about the importance of surge protection, head over to




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