“SAE Customers Enjoy Double Digit Profit Gains in 2014” Is R.C.I. Working for you?

Space Age customers from New York to Miami, Washington to L.A. and everywhere in between are seeing their profit margins grow by simply adopting the Space Age Electronics philosophy of R.C.I.  The Respect, Connect, Inspect value system (R.C.I.) has been around at Space Age for a number of years and with the additional SAE investment made to the sales team over the past three years, our customers are beginning to reap the benefits.

Many company’s in the life safety industry may be doing one or two of the three elements that comprise R.C.I. with varying degrees of success. However, we know through personal experience and customer testimonials that when all three elements of the R.C.I. process are implemented consistently over an extended period of time, profits increase along with the demand for their services.

Let me take a few moments to better define each individual jewel in this triple crown winning process. After which you will begin to visualize more easily how this simple change of process in your organization can increase profits and lead to more closed opportunities.

(R)espect the Code : The Life Safety Industry is code driven and conformance with these codes and laws saves lives.  When codes are broken, ignored or simply overlooked, the costs for system installation, correction and completion go up. What is even more disturbing is the safety aspect and reliability of the system going down. Space Age understands all to well the challenges life safety professionals face at the beginning and the end of a project.  That’s why our product solutions are engineered to take the guess work out of meeting code in all jurisdictions. Using the right components and assemblies that are UL listed and code required eliminates the risks of having to redo work at the end of a project in order to obtain final approvals from AHJ’s owners and specifying engineers.

(C)onnect the Pieces: The days are gone when a fire alarm system was simple and straight forward. A box of inputs and outputs that make noise from time to time.  Today’s systems are a combination of systems and services that provide a wide array of benefits to the owners and occupants.  Connecting those pieces in a code compliant way is where SAE has focused its expertise.  Mechanical systems, access control systems and enhanced life safety all depend on the integration of multiple components over a broad building footprint.  I call it the Mortar between the Bricks!

Terminal cabinets, relays, back boxes and graphic annunciators are a small sample of components that every system uses in varying quantities. When system professionals find that right recipe, or mix of components, and can purchase them from one source at competitive prices, gone are the last minute runs to a distribution house for these needed bits and up go the profits. The key to process improvement is finding ways that reduce cost and increase productivity. Space Age Electronics is that special recipe you can make your own.

(I)nspect your Work: Inspection and Service of Life Safety Systems is not only code mandated, it’s recurring monthly revenue (RMR) every company should be striving to improve each year. What a great combination for business, having a service that’s mandatory with direct access to the systems that require it. The smart money is on those companies that can do their work quickly and efficiently with minimal business disruption. When the full compliment of Space Age Solutions are implemented into the engineering design, systems are commissioned faster, have minimal code deficiencies and can be serviced and inspected quicker saving valuable man hours across the entire projects life span.  All these savings, as well as a fully satisfied end user, is where the RCI process delivers measurable returns with increased profits.

If you’re ready to learn about how your organization can begin improving with the Space Age Electronics R.C.I. process, give us a call. We are here to help you find that special mix of product solutions and deliver the professional guidance that will help your organization grow and employees mature in this important industry.

In future Webblog’s we’ll highlight customer testimonials on how R.C.I. worked for them specifically. Nothing is better then learning from those who have done it before and are successful at what they do best.

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