Show me the listing

Making products for the life safety industry is one thing many people take pride in. Making products that directly interface with 1st responders and the public is another level. Too many people think graphic annunciators and graphic smoke control panels just add cost. During an event, a graphic map can save critical time and provide lifesaving instructions.

Too often people do not take the time to properly layout these critical systems. We have all seen the photo copies with a highlighter hung on the wall. The reality is, the image is out of phase and the drawing is not clear because it was a mechanical drawing with other details that are confusing and typically too small to read quickly. Also, just having an LCD display does not give enough information for the public or 1st responders.

At Space Age Electronics we pride ourselves on improving functionality that saves lives. We appreciate the need for high aesthetic appeal with intuitive graphic images for ease of use. Our team of IPC certified assemblers custom wire and assemble every panel. This drives us to engineer new features and circuits to meet industry requirements and improve on field installation.

“Show me the listing” – in the life safety industry annunciators should be properly configured and integrated with the fire alarm control panel(FACU). This results in UL compatibility listings with systems. Space Age has invested the time and money to have the major panel manufactures’ control and LED driver boards tested at UL allowing us to install them inside our products. Some manufacturers do not take this step and are putting you and your company at risk with liability. It’s not enough to say your panel is listed; you need to be sure it is UL compatibility listed with the fire alarm control panel.

What are you doing to minimize risk, improve installation, save time and protect profits?

SEP JM Darth

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