Through the Goal Post!

It’s July 11th 2014 and Space Age Electronics is conducting our mid year business review at the Space Age Electronics corporate office in Sterling MA. Our last review was in January during some of the coldest and snowiest period of the winter this area has experienced in many years. For this Florida resident, (Still a Jersey Boy) I was able to get my fill of steering into the skid on the snow packed roads throughout MA and VA.

During this years review the regional sales team was Introduced to this new Blog posting software by WordPress. As a relatively new employee with Space Age, one year in June, I continue to be amazed and inspired by our leaderships desire to venture into new things, challenge the status-quo and continue to put more of who we are as an organization out to the world. We do this with a complete understanding of the pro’s and con’s of these endeavors along with the potential ramifications of sharing our unique story. It’s all good because the bottom line is we all want to be hero’s for our customers and influence our industry for the better.

I look forward to sharing more of my insights, those of our customers and industry perspectives that come from well respected and highly experienced professionals we have the privilege to work and partner with.

All the best – be the best – invest in the best!

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