Month: July 2014

Through the Goal Post!

It’s July 11th 2014 and Space Age Electronics is conducting our mid year business review at the Space Age Electronics corporate office in Sterling MA. Our last review was in January during some of the coldest and snowiest period of the winter this area has experienced in many years. For this Florida resident, (Still a Jersey Boy) I was able…

It’s Friday at Space Age Electronics!

Brown-Chicken-Brown-Cow…. it’s another great day here at the Space Age Electronics Corporate office in Sterling, MA. During our QBD meeting this week, all of the outside sales people from all over the country come together to brainstorm, talk about new ideas and products, and get updates on what is going on in our perspective territories. Plus, we learned how to…

My first post!

As a company we have been doing a lot of work updating ourselves to how the world spins today. Like, this new blog! I wanted to share one of my favorite pieces of work I’ve done here at Space Age under my marketing role here. This is a video called “Our Brand – Your Advantage”. Enjoy!

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